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A 12-month journey into discerning, designing, directing and developing life according to your unique divine design & wiring.  Each month includes an online training, monthly resource, and a group mentoring live call with Ray Popham. Periodically, throughout your journey, you will have individual one-on-one coaching sessions to help you individually apply what you are discovering, designing  and doing.   ‚ÄčThis is be the most profound journey of self discovery in your life.

Hey, it's Your life, let's get to it!

"I became more aware of how I am truly wired. It has help me to respond to and handle people differently. It motivates me to focus on doing what is placed in me."

Saqunna T.
NonProfit Leader

Why I Created TransMOREmation.

I have always loved people.  And I love studying people and what makes them the unique, wonderful, incredible distinct persons they are. From my first introduction to human design in a required college course on Temperament Therapy, I was intrigued by the idea that human’s had predictable behaviors and styles based on their divine wiring.  Throughout my medical studies, I was enamored with the study of the brain, the mind, and the physiology that contributes to our perceptions, decisions, learning, actions and desires.  My spiritual journey and theological study convinced me that we are designed on purpose and with purpose.  And amazingly, all of this supported one another, bit was seldom connected for people. I began to see my own connections, get my own understanding and create my own correlations. It was transforming the way I saw my life and my world.   I was excited about what I now knew about myself and the sense of purpose and direction it brought to my life.  And then an even the greater excitement came for me:  When I realized I could help others to understand that about their lives and it would be transformational to the way they lived, thought, believed, related and succeeded. 
What people needed was a more simplified way to understand their divine wiring, what it looked like and what it meant for their life.  They didn’t need an assessment with a one sheeter, they needed to know how and why they were wired, what it all meant in a connected way and how it showed up in their life.  They needed to know that nothing was wrong WITH them, there were just some things wrong FOR them.  And, they wanted to know that it was something deeper that physiology or psychology, that it had deeper spiritual and purposeful meaning.  They wanted to know how it all fit into the purpose of their life.  

Thus, TransMOREmation was born and evolved.
TransMOREmation is my work and purpose lived out to help people be able to discern, design, direct and develop who they are and how they are wired in a way that helps them get MORE out of life: more purpose, more meaning, more fulfillment, more abundance. It merges together the principles, insights and findings of spiritual creation, mental renewal, human design and physical action into a powerful journey of discovering who you really are and becoming more of who you are designed to be.  All  with awareness, intention and harmony.  It enables you to see how you burn, how you yearn, how you learn and how you earn.  It empowers you to clarify your divine wiring, craft a life aligned with that design, chart a path for directing that life and create a climate for continued growth, developing potential and building influence.  It is filled with ‘AHA” moments, spiritual awakenings, paradigms-shifts, burden-breaking experiences and mind-blowing discoveries.  It is unlike anything you have experienced in your journey to find and understand your true self.  It will be one investment in yourself that you will never regret and will continue to provide you a return for the rest of your life!
It’s called TransMOREmation and it's calling you.

Start your journey!

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"TransMoremation has been instrumental in my has helped me have more peace. By furthering my understanding of who I am and how I am wired, it has led me to making more confident choices in what I choose to invest my time and effort in. It has helped me to begin to pinpoint where I can add value and also has helped me recognize where a path could lead to frustration. In knowing where my "Easy Yes" should be and where my "Easy No" should be, it in turn has kept me from being in situations that would have conflicted with how I'm wired. I wish everyone could go through this program."

Rob J.
Business Owner




This program is designed to help you discover and direct your unique design so you can experience a life of purpose, meaning, fulfillment and abundance. Using our Pro4 System, you will discover true transformation in your life.

What people are saying

"For me, it has given me a better insight of who I am and why at times I have been frustrated with doing things that I am not wired to do. But also has brought an understanding of the areas that I need to be more focused on."   Robert L. - Senior Pastor

"It helped me to be more patient and understanding of people who are wired differently than I am and has helped me to communicate better with people who see the world differently."  Lydia L. - Homemaker/Business Owner

"It confirmed my longings and taught me to have self-compassion and boundaries, and to communicate both better."  Oberia H. -Student/Homemaker

"I feel this course has given me a peace that I searched for for decades. Often desiring myself to be a certain way but yet feeling frustrated with no matter how I tried to discipline myself...Now with this knowledge, I find peace in knowing and accepting my weave and realizing there is nothing wrong with me but there are some things wrong for me! This course clearly brings transformation at any age."  Ann H. -Personal Trainer/Business Owner


"Transmoremation gave me a better peace to be who I am created to be and an understanding of why I do things a certain way and think the way I do."  Stephanie G. -Business Owner



We get it, no one likes to talk about money...
it makes us cringe when we hear the word "cost" or "payment". But trust us when we say, you will NOT regret this program. Your life will be absolutely transformed, inside and out.

$97/month, cheaper than your average cable bill, will open a whole new insight into WHO you are and WHY you are.

This includes:

  • 12 Month Program
  • Digital Training Material Every Month
  • Monthly Mentorship and Q&A call with Ray Popham
  • Quarterly Coaching Sessions with Ray Popham ($396 Value) 

    Invest in yourself. You are valuable.  It is a true investment into your future and it will provide an ongoing return for the rest of your life.

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