Inspiring & empowering people to live bigger, better, brighter, & more blessed lives!

I help people live and lead with more purpose, meaning, fulfillment and abundance.

About Ray Popham >

"It is quite an accomplishment to become a leader and while Ray Popham is a remarkable leader, it is in his work of being a leader of leaders where he truly shines. His leadership, shepherding the growth of over 24,000 leaders is what he was born to do."

Deb Ingino
President, John Maxwell Team Club Program, Executive Leader

Who We Are

We are inspiring and empowering, servant leaders.

We are creators, catalysts, communicators, connectors and clarifiers.

We endeavor to be Good at What We Do, but Great at Who We Are.

 We are difference makers who help those that want to make a difference, make their difference.

Why We're Here

People. We love serving, inspiring and empowering people.  Groups. Individuals.  Organizations.

Purpose. We believe our purpose is helping others discover, understand and live out theirs.

We are here so that people can live and lead with more purpose, meaning, fulfillment and abundance.

What We do

We help people build purpose-lived lives so they can live better, achieve more and influence others.

We help organizations & businesses build leadership, teams, communication, culture, engagement, and mission so they can increase their influence, impact and income.

We do it through speaking, coaching, monthly subscriptions, online programs, and live training seminars and workshops.

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