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When I’m not speaking somewhere in the world, or enjoying coffee from around the globe, I love helping people all over the world to live and lead with more purpose, meaning, fulfillment and abundance...


I'm Ray Popham - a speaker, strategist and shepherd.  I am a creative communicator. I speak, teach, inspire, mentor, coach, write, strategize, and lead. My goal: to inspire and empower people to live and lead with more purpose, meaning, fulfillment and abundance. The aim of it all: Helping you be Good at what you do and Great at who you are!

It all boils down to this: I am passionate about helping you to know who you are divinely designed to be, then live, achieve and influence from the heart of who you really are. It frustrates me that people try to live life like it is an experiment., by default and not design. I believe that a life and leadership is meant to be so much more. I believe there is a difference that comes from identity-based life and leadership, and then operating out of your greatness. I empower you to see, understand, live, and be the difference. I help you to experience MoreMentum ™ for your life and leadership.

How we help:   I help people shape their life around their divine design and live with a true sense of purpose. I help sharpen the leadership of people, businesses, ministries, and organizations as they use an alignment-based life and leadership approach to maximize their influence, impact and income. I’ve used my TransMOREmation ™ principles to help hundreds of people discern how they are wired for purpose, design a meaningful life based on that purpose, direct life in a more intentional way and develop a fulfilling future. I’ve inspired tens of thousands in live audiences, television, radio, and in writing, to live a bigger, brighter, more blessed lives. I’ve used my PRO4 System ™ to help entrepreneurs, leaders, businesses, ministries and organizations discern what they want to be and where they want to go, design solid plans for getting there, direct their efforts in an aligned, focused way and develop the growth needed for a strong, successful and meaningful future. I use my years of experience and expertise as an international speaker, teacher, trainer and mentor in the organizational, ministry, military, business, human development and leadership worlds to help them get clear on why they exist, develop a values-based culture and create a visionary climate where workers, volunteers and members find a sense of mission and meaning.

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While I enjoy writing, speaking, and content creation ... most of my empowerment is done privately through my e-mail list and via monthly content release to: Morementum Life, Morementum Leadership , and Faith Life with Ray Popham -online subscription portals. My online learning portal provides people the on-going opportunity to grow at their own pace on their own time. Iā€™m all about adding value to people!

4 Pillars of Achieving What You Want In Life

What are the four pillars that highly successful people build upon in order to live, achieve and influence?  What are the ancient secrets of living shared by the wisest and wealthiest man in history?  What if you could know and build on those four pillars also?  This downloadable book helps you to clearly see, understand and begin to apply those four pillars to your life.  This book will inspire and empower you to live a life of more purpose, meaning, fulfillment and abundance.  

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So you think you may know your purpose, but what does that look like in every aspect of your life? Or maybe you're completely lost and living by default... Just living a circular life.

TransMOREmation can help you discover and design a life of true purpose.  The first step in being great at who you are is to know who you are. How do you discern, design, direct and develop your unique creative flow....we can help you!

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Borrow My Brain

In your "Borrow My Brain" session, I work with you one-on-one to formulate customized strategies and share unique insights just for your life and leadership! You'll walk away with greater awareness, executable strategies, and enduring value, ready to take your life, leadership, organization, or business to the next level.

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My Story.

Growing up in an always struggling, often poor, totally Texan family, I learned the value of education and service early on. They became my portals to any hope of future success. I started out as a military leader, going to college on evenings and weekends, with aspirations of becoming a physician, for all of the wrong reasons. Tapping into an understanding of my unique design, encountering a spiritual transformation and discovering my true strengths and motivations, I transitioned from the pursuit of success to the pursuit of significance. My career has been spent in various forms of medical service, teaching and training, organizational leadership, ministry, business and speaking.

In those dimensions I found my significance in inspiring and empowering others. I like helping and serving others in finding and living a life of significance that flows from purpose. I like helping people own their life. So, I developed ways to help them do just that in a more informed and  intentional way. I found my natural gifting toward leadership as the oldest of 6 children in a struggling family. Being a leader was always natural to me, though I didn’t always serve the gifting in the right way. The military helped me develop the skills of a leader and Dr. John Maxwell (whom I now have the awesome privilege of serving with) helped me develop the heart of a leader. Life has given me the opportunity for leadership. While I didn’t end up a physician, I did find my place of significance in helping others. I help people live purposefully and lead more effectively. That makes the world a better and more well place. You could say I’m a heart Doctor.



The Broader View.

I still value education and service. I’ve completed a Nursing Diploma, Bachelor and Master degrees in Business and in Theology. I have traveled the globe as a speaker, teacher and trainer, and sometimes just to enjoy the people, the culture, the scenery, the food and yes....the coffee.Having travel to 30 nations has broadened my perspective, helped me to value people more, deepen my faith, better understand human design and served as a catalyst for speaking, teaching, writing and consulting. I love encountering new people, learning about life, serving others and creating out-of-the-box approaches and solutions. I plan to live full and die finished. In the Army, I learned about leading with a sense of mission, sacrifice and skill. As a person of faith, I’ve learned how to serve, share, value others, minister love and live with a sense of purpose and Divine design. Being an organizational leader has taught me to empower people, mentor with compassion, better align skills with strengths, build capacity, raise millions of dollars and organize thoughts and actions. As a speaker and teacher, both to small groups and audiences of thousands, has taught me to focus on what others need to know, communicate to connect, make things simpler and clearer, and to know what I am talking about. Business has taught me to build a platform, plan, publicize and profit. Being a husband, father and “Pawpa” has taught me to be a better man and build a legacy. All of it together has empowered me to be good at what I do and challenged me to be great at who I am. I has added value to me that I am now able to add value to others. All of my experience gives all of my private clients and those I help the advantage of at op-class speaker, a top-tier leader, a creative strategist, a person of integrity and faith, an understanding mentor or coach, and an informed thinker to help take their influence, impact and income to new and profound levels. My serving them allows me to travel, encounter, contribute and grow in new and ongoing ways that make me better at being good at what I do and great at who I am.  I continue to create horizons.


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