"Ray is a man of wisdom and conviction. Ray is one of the very few people I allow to speak freely into my life, because of his impeccable integrity and my trust in him to only want to make me a better person and leader."

John G.
Business Owner/JMT International Pac President

Borrow My Brain - What is this?

You're hungry. You're capable. You've been hustling. That's definitely not the issue. Despite your best efforts, you know things could be -and should- be better, brighter, and more blessed. You yearn for things to be more purposeful meaningful, and fulfilling. What you need is someone to discuss your ideas with -someone that can clear the fog, think into it a different way, provide strategic advice, and help you take some decisive action.


As a mentor and life strategies coach, a former military and healthcare leader, and as an organizational, spiritual, and business leader, I have the experience and insight of a proven professional. As a mentor, coach, and consultant, I've helped hundreds of individuals, leaders, ministers, entrepreneurs, and businesses uncover answers that matter. 

I can help you too.


Book a "Borrow My Brain" Session Today!

In your "Borrow My Brain" session, I work with you one-on-one to formulate customized strategies and share unique insights just for your life and leadership! You'll walk away with greater awareness, executable strategies, and enduring value, ready to take your life, leadership, organization, or business to the next level.


You should schedule a session if:

  • You are frustrated with a lack of clarity
  • You are struggling to find purpose, meaning, and fulfillment
  • Your business or organization has stalled and you're not sure how to jump start it
  • You're convinced you have the right ingredients, but not sure how to move forward
  • You've got an idea and need professional insight before you fully commit to it
  • You feel your leadership or influence is experiencing a lid
  • You have any specific, or multiple problems that have stumped you
  • You have a burning desire to broaden your influence, impact, or income and yet don't know where to begin or what step to take next


How it works

  1.  Fill our the Borrow My Brain questionnaire below
  2. Submit payment and request a one-on-one time slot: (link will be provided upon completing questionnaire)
  3. We strategize for 60 minutes on how to solve, fix, or help your issue and how to move forward.

Prior to our call, I spend an hour combing through all the content you feel is relevant. During our call, I provide you customized strategies aligned with your specific goals, and will tackle any and every question you have.



The investment?

$197 - for a priceless session to get YOU moving and focused with great awareness and understanding.


Borrow My Brain 

Don't rush, take your time. Let me help you!



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