"Ray is a speaker, teacher, coach, and so much more. However, first and foremost, Ray is a man of faith. His passion for sharing the gospel and seeing others grow in their spiritual walk is unmatched. Through Ray's perfect blend of personal experiences and Biblical scriptures, he is able to share his faith in a real and passionate way and thus lead others to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ. "

Dana B.
Event Coordinator/Community Leader

"Ray is a man of wisdom and conviction. Ray is one of the very few people I allow to speak freely into my life, because of his impeccable integrity and my trust in him to only want to make me a better person and leader."

John G.
JMT International PAC President/Business Owner

"Ray leads confidently with Spiritual and natural authority...He is a true, honest, loving, compassionate, and caring person who loves God and God's people. He is genuinely there for you in whatever capacity needed whether it be a pastor, counselor, and confidant."

Laura L.
Church Leader/Business Leader


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