"If you are looking for someone who lives what he leads, you don’t have to look any longer! He speaks from experience."

Heather M.
Consultant/Business Owner

"Building a team has many moving parts. Building a thriving team requires an elevated approach and that is what Ray brings to his work. He is sensitive to each participant as individuals and how the collective group, when focused on the same end result, have power that separates them from their competition. Ray will expertly guide you and your team to greater results. "

Deb I.
Business Owner/Executive Leader

"For me, it has given me a better insight of who I am and why at times I have been frustrated with doing things that I am not wired to do. But also has brought an understanding of the areas that I need to be more focused on."   Robert L. - Senior Pastor

"It helped me to be more patient and understanding of people who are wired differently than I am and has helped me to communicate better with people who see the world differently."  Lydia L. - Homemaker/Business Owner

"It confirmed my longings and taught me to have self-compassion and boundaries, and to communicate both better."  Oberia H. -Student/Homemaker

"I feel this course has given me a peace that I searched for for decades. Often desiring myself to be a certain way but yet feeling frustrated with no matter how I tried to discipline myself...Now with this knowledge, I find peace in knowing and accepting my weave and realizing there is nothing wrong with me but there are some things wrong for me! This course clearly brings transformation at any age."  Ann H. -Personal Trainer/Business Owner


"Transmoremation gave me a better peace to be who I am created to be and an understanding of why I do things a certain way and think the way I do."  Stephanie G. -Business Owner





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