Training & Workshops

with Ray Popham

"Ray Popham is one of the most qualified people I know to teach leadership because he teaches it from a place of authenticity- it’s where he lives and what he does. I am thankful, grateful, and forever changed because of his leadership in my life."

Heather M.
Consultant/Business Owner

"Ray is a leader with a servant's heart. His uncanny ability to create a culture of trust enables teams to mobilize and implement dynamic, positive change. He is a goal oriented encourager who will dare you to dream big dreams!"

Dana B.
Event Coordinator/Community Leader

What do we offer?

We conduct training and workshops in the areas of life, leadership, personal growth, communication, sales, spiritual development, and team building. Our programs are structured to meet the unique needs of your group, team, or community. Our training and workshops include our own propriety programs, along with our licensed John Maxwell content. Many of our programs also include certificates from The John Maxwell Team. Let's discuss how we can empower you for growth, success, team engagement, communication and market advantage.


We offer different length workshops to maximize and fit your exact needs.

Life topics include:

  • Building Your Spirit
  • Building Your Potential
  • Building Influence
  • Building Abundance
  • Building A Forever Marriage
  • Building Communication & Connection
  • Building Leadership
  • Building A Purpose Lived Life
  • Building A Business
  • Building a Positive Mindset


Leadership topics include:

  • Leading People
  • Leading Teams
  • Leading Organizations
  • Leading Strategically
  • Leading Yourself
  • Developing the Leader Within You
  • Developing the Leaders Around You
  • Living the Laws of Leadership
  • Team Building & Teamwork
  • Personal Growth
  • Leadership Transition
  • Youth Leadership
  • The Leadership Game

The Leadership Game, developed by the John Maxwell Team, is a fun, interactive, group assessment game that helps your team discover their leadership strengths and weaknesses. This 2 hour game challenges participants to engage in an open discussion, in a creative way, about leadership principles and values. It helps you uncover gaps in areas for improvement and development within your team. Ask us how to bring it to your team!



Impact Workshop topics include:

  • Communication Impact (1/2  Day)
  • Team Impact (1/2  Day)
  • Sales Impact (1/2  Day)
  • Sales Leadership (1/2  Day)
  • Presentation Skills (1/2 or Full Day)
  • Coaching for Managers, Leaders, & Business Owners (1/2 or Full Day)
  • Fundamentals of Sales (1/2 or Full Day)
  • Leadership Development (1/2 or Full Day)


Impact workshops are a great opportunity to build people within your team, organization, or ministry. But, they are also a great way to partner and turn your organization into an impact center for your community, all at no cost or low cost to you.  Build your influence by building your community. Ask us how!

1/2 Day Workshops Include:

Assessment(s), leader debrief, and group training to help individuals know and build off their unique style for creating maximized impact in a designated area of success.


We are also available for Retreats and Strategic Planning Workshops.


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